Hey, beautiful people!

I’m Leba, Owner and Founder of Leba Cosmetics.

I'm excited to share a little bit about myself. I’m a social-worker-turned makeup artist and purveyor. I became a makeup artist because I love beautiful things — from cosmetics, to fashion, design, architecture, and nature — and I love making people feel good about themselves.

I started my own line...

Because I wasn’t satisfied with the cosmetics available on the market. While the products available made my clients look beautiful, they weren’t great for their skin. I discovered formulas for products containing clean, good-for-you ingredients that don’t sacrifice on quality, and I felt the world needed to know about them. That’s how Leba Cosmetics was born.

Leba Cosmetics is a reflection of my personality —

fun, happy, bright, and quirky, with a touch of class and elegance. I want people to feel beautiful at any age, at any stage. I want my clients to feel happy, confident, and comfortable when they wear my products, and I love seeing them transform into the best versions of themselves with every makeover.

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